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New fully-automatic drive shaft balancing machine

Balancing machine for drive shafts

17.03.2008 - The trend towards all-wheel drive vehicles continues unabated. In these vehicles, the engine performance is transferred to the wheels by several drive shafts. Any unbalance in these drive shafts can lead to vibrations, which impair the impression of comfort of the whole vehicle. Balancing is therefore an essential step for the quality of the drive shafts.

The new RBRQ, our fully-automatic drive shaft balancing machine, has been redesigned from the ground up, and meets the increased requirements for greater accuracy, shorter cycle times and improved process reliability.

The significantly improved measuring accuracy now makes it possible to produce drive shafts of maximum quality in series production. Cycle times have also been reduced by approx. 15 to 20 %, which for one-piece drive shafts means a floor-to-floor time of under 60 seconds. The compact design also offers clear advantages: with a floor area requirement reduced by approx. 40 %, you can also replace small, older machines without any space problems. The low installation height also enables the machine to be easily integrated into existing loading portals or other handling systems.

Balancing 100 years with Schenck

In 1907 Schenck produced their first balancing machine. In previous years Carl Schenck had been involved with this topic and with the co-operation of Franz Lawaczeck the first practical machine was completed.

For further important milestones in the history of balancing look here.

Balancing 100 years with Schenck

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