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VIRIO – A milestone in balancing

12.03.2008 - Vertical balancing machines like the new VIRIO are the ideal solution for disk-shaped rotors such as pump impellers, fans, flywheels and brake discs. The rotors can be clamped without an auxiliary shaft and can be corrected direct on the machine.

The VIRIO is the perfect tool for balancing tasks in the workshop and production area. Available with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation, it offers the perfect combination of high flexibility, good ergonomy and even further improved accuracy, providing efficient day-to-day working. The modular design enables perfect adaptation of the VIRIO to the balancing task in hand – even in future, when requirements may change in a few years. Ended with vertical or horizontal correction modules for drilling, riveting, welding or stamping, it offers all major correction methods. The ergonomy of all components has been optimised for the special procedures used in balancing. The operation of the VIRIO is easy and clearly structured, so that even occasional balancing is child’s play. Technical changes have also been made: the basis of the VIRIO consists of a proven mineral casting. This suppresses vibrations significantly better than grey cast-iron, and together with the measuring technology optimised for vibration forms the basis for the significantly improved accuracy. By means of the fully-adjustable speed regulation, the usable weight range is significantly extended, so that even smaller rotors can be perfectly balanced.

Balancing 100 years with Schenck

In 1907 Schenck produced their first balancing machine. In previous years Carl Schenck had been involved with this topic and with the co-operation of Franz Lawaczeck the first practical machine was completed.

For further important milestones in the history of balancing look here.

Balancing 100 years with Schenck

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