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The flexible solution for precisely balanced eDrives and similar rotors up to 50 kg eTENO - eg-ar1 (CB)

Maximum Flexibility

  • The flexible solution for the perfectly balanced rotor for eMobility or simillar geometry rotors
  • Flexible Rotor Loading
  • Consistent implementation of the balancing process in mass production.

Higher Efficiency

  • Cycle times from 40 to 100 seconds
  • Highest Balancing Quality
  • Easy and fast Changeover
  • Dual Axial Drilling for parallel correction
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Fast precise handling between stations

Highest Precision

  • Folding Belt Drive for precise measurement results
  • Aerostatic bearings in the measuring station
  • Smallest achievable measurement uncertainty (workpiece-dependent): 5 μin
  • Measuring Instrument CAB 950 for maximum precision and intuitive operation
Scope of Application

The eTENO is the perfect solution for balancing eDrives or simillar rotors up to 50 kg fully automatically and with high precision.

Maximum flexibility
The eTENO offers maximum flexibility thanks to the two-station concept with a separate measuring and balancing station. The two-station concept enables significantly shorter cycle times and better measurement and correction results. This concept also allows flexible storage in the measuring station z. B. with prisms, idlers or aerostatic bearings for highest precision. In the balancing station a variety of correctiion options such as axial drilling, radial drilling, radial slot milling, axial / radial finger milling, additive correction are possible - all with the highest balancing quality.
Easy installation and Change over
The high flexibility of the eTENO also comes into play when changing to another rotor. Good accessibility, simple and intelligent design of the controls, linear units with setting positions for quick and precise location retrieval support of the correction process and increase the efficiency of the production process.

State of the Art Measuring and controlling
Our current measuring and control unit CAB950 in the SmartTouch version is designed as an intuitive and self-explanatory human-machine interface (MMS). It allows a comfortable and clear access to all functions of the machine.
In addition to precise mechanics, CAB measurement technology guarantees the highest precision in balancing unbalance. Many off-the-shelf features optimize accuracy when balancing eDrives. The CAB950 is ready for linking into the digital world. It offers all options from the service app to production monitoring, our modern measuring and control technology.

Special feature

Modular machine concept
All stations can be flexibly integrated into various assembly lines or operated in their own protective shroud, as a standalone unit.

Technical data
Data at a Glance      
Rotor dimension     
Rotortyp    Journals on both sides 
Rotor weight  [kg]  2,5 - 50 
Overall length  [mm]  150 - 500 
Journal diameter  [mm]  15 - 60 
Rotordiameter  [mm]  60-200 
Machine data     
width   [mm]  3300 
depth  [mm]  2800 
height  [mm]  3000 
Total weight   [kg]  5000 
Air pressure  [bar]  min. 5,5 
Lubrication    Long-term of lifetime lubrication  
Noise level as per EN ISO 3744 (ISO4871)  [dB(A)]  max. 75 
Technical availability    99% nach VDI 3423 
Operating voltage as per IEC 38   [mm]  400 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 2 %, 3 Ph 
Input power  [kW]  34 
Max. back-up fuse by customer   [A]  25 
Control voltage     24 V DC 
Internal device voltage    230 V AC  
Average cycle time per workpiece at 100 % availability (two planes in one step) approx. 40-100 sec.