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Measuring units for universal balancing tasks CAB 820, CAB 920 SmartTouch - eg-ar1 (CB)

  • Digital processing of measured data for high accuracy
  • Coloured, clear unbalance display
  • Ergonomic operating concept and data input via Touch Screen
  • Numerous software modules for universal and special balancing tasks
CAB 820 – The basic Measuring Unit for safe Unbalance Balancing
The CAB 820 is our latest basic measuring unit. It is always the right choice -  should you want to balance fast and with little effort at a very good cost-performance ratio.
As good as new: Our CAB 820 is best suited to modernize older horizontal and vertical balancing machines as well as machines from other manufacturers. You upgrade your existing balancing machine with the state-of-the art measuring technique by using our modernization kits already being configurated to a large extent.

CAB 920 SmartTouch – a Synthesis of easy Handling and utmost Precision
The new CAB 920 SmartTouch is the further development of the legendary Schenck CAB Measuring Systems. The capacity of „Computer Aided Balancing“ is considerably improved by the CAB 920 SmartTouch and accessible to a wider range of application. Due to its modern operating concept the CAB 920 SmartTouch sets new standards in the field of balancing. The focus of our development was the easy and safe handling of even complex operations and working sequences. Error prevention and acceleration of sequences leading to a considerable increase of balancing quality will be achieved by our CAB 920 SmartTouch. Simple operation - the key to more safety.

Just like the CAB 820 our CAB 920 SmartTouch is well suited to modernize older balancing machines. Equipped with our sophisticated measuring unit your old balancing machine will no longer be the same; complex balancing procedures and (time-) consuming operator guidance now belong to the past.
Balancing in the R&D, in repair shops, in single or in series production mostly places sophisticated demands on the measuring technique.

You want to have a perfectly balanced rotor ? To achieve that we offer you the best suited microprocessor measuring unit for every balancing task. All units have got a common operating philosophy, the same precision in processing measured data as well as a clear and precise display. They all process the measuring signals, display size and angular unbalance position numerically in conjunction with clearly structured vector meters. Due to the permanent calibration, just a few geometric data need to be entered and the measuring unit is set to the new rotor.

Functions such as measured data storage, indexing indication and correction instructions support a fast and efficient balancing procedure.
Technical data
  CAB 820  CAB 920 
Basic software options (excerpt):     
-   Measuring dynamic unbalance in 2 planes 
-   Measuring static unbalance and couple unbalance 
-   Automatic tolerance comparison  
-   Tolerance calculation according to ISO 1940  
-   Polar display or in equally distributed components 
-   Display unequally distributed components    
-   Averaging of the measured values over time  
-   Single compensation, key compensation, index balancing 
Rotor specific and special functions (excerpt):     
-   Rotor specific calibration   (x)  (x) 
-   Correction calculation (e.g. drilling, material length)  (x)  (x) 
-   High speed balancing     (x) 
-   Industry specific software, e.g. balancing of rolls, crank shafts, etc.    (x) 
-   Statistic software    (x) 
Input: Touch screen (also possible with separate keyboard and mouse)  
Operation: SmartTouch user interface and rotorfile wizard for user-prompted rotor data input   
Speed range 100 … 5.000 UPM 
Speed range 40 … 100.000 UPM    (x) 
Interfaces: USB for peripherals 
Data export:  Frontside USB for data export to storage media, etc. 
Datenexport: Netzwerkschnittstelle zur Datensicherung, Teleservice und Fernwartung 
Datenexport: Datenexport als ASCII-Protokoll oder in csv-Datendatei  (x) 
Logging: Balancing protocol as pdf-file 
Logging: Report configurator for indiviual protocols   
Logging: Template based printer protocol    (x)